How to Get Your Business Noticed in Facebook

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In the past, Facebook users had to like your business before they could actively participate in your conversations. This has changed since then. Now, any Facebook user can just post a comment or share the content found in your Facebook page. This is actually good for businesses that use Facebook as a social media marketing tool. You get the benefit of gaining more visitors for your website. Having a Facebook page does require extra work so be prepared if you want to use this as a platform to promote your business. To make this work, you have to get your business noticed by its community. Do you want to know how? Here are some simple yet very effective strategies that you can use.

Get Your Business Noticed in Facebook

Pop It Up With an Eye-Catching Image

If you have a business Facebook page, then make sure that you remember to use an eye-popping image with every post. Do you know that some businesses rely on images instead of lengthy information when they post on Facebook? Take for example the image quotes being posted on Facebook. These have been liked by so many people because they were catchy to begin with. You can do the same and incorporate attractive images with every post that you share. Posts with images have also been found to have received the most likes on Facebook.

Don’t Blabber Too Much

Make posts straight to the point. Trend says that shorter posts receive more comments that lengthy ones. Create posts that will give your audience a form of teaser about your products and services. Instead of laying down all the necessary information to them on Facebook, why not keep them intrigued enough to help them click through the link that points back to your official website?

Make Them Click the “Like” Button

Make Them Click the “Like” Button

Instead of just having a description about the message hidden behind the image, give a call to action phrase where you ask them to like the button. For example, you posted a beautiful image of a couple. After a brief description, you can also include the phrase “Click like if you think they look good together”.

Support a Cause

People in general are like Yin and Yang. Every person has a sweet spot no matter who he is. Charity is something that makes people feel good about themselves. Many people like to support businesses that offer support to charity works. Make your business support a cause and get your way into the hearts of your audience by way of helping other people. This will not only be good for your image but will contribute to your heart’s happiness, as well.

Be in the Trend

Trends follow a certain season. Have you noticed how there are an increased number of calls during Mother’s Day? It is already customary for people to observe holidays. Why not make this work for your business and share posts or create content that specifically talk about the holiday season? Make your posts as timely as possible because people on Facebook are constantly looking for content that they could share with their friends fit for the season.

Don’t be Afraid of Diversity

Do not make your posts look generic. Offer something different most of the time. Divert from being monotonous by experimenting on longer posts if you only make it a point to share short posts. If you use images all the time, why not let this be a mix of text and image at the same time by incorporating captions on the image. There are now online tools that will help you edit pictures so that you can make these look more interesting. You can also try being informal if you like on some days to break away from sounding too businesslike all the time. This will create a friendlier atmosphere for your visitors.

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