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The website builders have pervaded the imagination of everybody as they use tools which execute the construction of websites without manual code editing. Website builders made it easier for a newbie to build a website of his own as it offers a host of website building programs which thereby makes the usage of computer coding and editing least importance. There are innumerable website builders available. IM Creator, Wix and Weebly are some of the best website builders. These three website builder are easily accessible and understandable to the layman as well as to the experienced software programmers. They have made the web hosting plan simple to develop a website. The website makers have made the promotion of business through internet a popular activity

Which one do I choose?

IM Creator

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IM Creator is one of the most favored website builders over internet. It is popular because of its interface which is a one stop shop for creating a simple business site. It enables an individual in hosting the website to launch the website in one hour. IM Creator provides the user with amazing varieties of templates catering to different professions like templates for medical professionals, web designers, fashion and beauty, real estate and others. It has seemed to rule the virtual world of website builders because of its flexible designs which can be customized. IM Creator sites are truly user friendly and include the features of cross-device, cross-browse compatible and have built-in SEO tools.


wix website creator

Wix is one of the popular and most preferred website builders. It was immensely popular even as a flash website builder. Wix as a website builder is one step ahead of HTML5 and is preferred by the users as it has an in built search engine. It also provides its users the tools of drop n drag features and has an array of 100s of free designed templates to its credit. It enables its users to design a mobile site or Facebook and enables social networking plug-ins such as Like, Tweet, Share.


weebly website creator

Weebly is another popular website builder which offers users with an array of features that allows users to create elegant websites. Weebly boasts of applications and has a huge library of themes to choose from and it is easily customizable without any coding knowledge. Weebly  has dedicated iPhone and Android apps, which  helps in manage the websites.It has free services as well  as  service for starters which are priced.

WIX or IM Creator

It is really difficult or to measure in quantitative terms among the two most popular website builders but there are certain qualitative aspects which can definitely clear some of the queries regarding both the website builders.

Wix has beautiful and stunning templates

Wix’s template designs are attractive and beautiful, and in the Wix templates overview, it can be said that they are completely built out and have a professional look.

The templates offered by IM-Creator to its users are excellent and simple. The templates are modern, stylish, and professional.   IM-Creator isn’t afraid to take some risks and as such keeps on experimenting with its templates. As a result all the templates are not only well-designed, but they’re also modern and unique.

It has got varieties of templates for artists, fashion and beauty, musicians, hotels, architects, personal sites, general business, web designers, restaurant, photography, portfolios, real estate, and much more to choose from a wide range. There are 100s of designer-made templates, all of which are incredibly flexible and can be customized as per the need of the client or according to the vision of the designer.

The App Market

IM Creator is chosen by the professionals who are starting up their business as it is a free service. It also does not provide any e-commerce features and any domain name for free. To create online store, features like shopping cart etc are provided their respective premium packages.

The Wix App Market has been developed in a very attractive way as it provides both free and subscription-based applications with a revenue sharing of 70 percent for the developer and 30 percent for Wix itself.

The App Market is immensely popular and a sought after product as it provides customers to integrate third-party applications in their own websites and incorporate solutions. The features include photo feeds, blogging, music playlists, online community, e-mail marketing, and file management.[15]

The app market also offers applications to its users from providers such as: Google, Instagram, Livechat and Shopify.

The Future of the Website Builders

Many designers have opined that while working on a Wix project: it requires a lot of time for preparing contents, by getting to know Wix’s new editor interface, and therefore working on the layout and thus it’s a time consuming process. In IM Creator it takes about 30 minutes to put together the imcreator project, with all elements already in place and for its user friendly imcreator editor interface which does not change quite often.

The tools made available to designers by the website builders for creating websites have evolved from their initial years. Among the existing website builders, the hosted website builder platforms have gained popularity in recent years as the way to design & publish websites became simple and easy.
All these website builders are ideal for blogs, portfolios and effectively cater to the need and demand of small scale business people. There is still much scope for development and we can expect these website builders to become more sophisticated in the coming years.


IM creator is a best tool for a newbie with zero programming knowledge. It is easy to use when compared to Wix and Weebly. IM creator requires hardly an hour to make a website live wherein Wix and Weebly it takes a day.

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