How to Get Started with Video Blogging

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Video blogging is a newer form of posting content that is known to attract more audience than having plain written content. According to several studies, videos posted are the most powerful tools to attract people more than any other forms of media available. However, not all bloggers are expert in person that’s why majority still use written blogs than video blogs. But if you want to gain more readers, then you might as well learn the basic ways to start on video blogging.

The following are the basic and most important strategies to keep a video blogging :

1 Watch, Watch, Watch

If you haven’t started on video blogging, now is the best time to watch several or tons of them. In this way, you are able to get an idea on various blogging strategies. While watching, don’t forget to take note of what you like and what you don’t like about the videos and make corresponding adjustments to make your video blog better.

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2 Look into the video details

Another important consideration when starting a video blog is to check the content, format and length of the video. Focus on short videos rather than long ones and try to add as much personality in it rather than having a plain video. Watchers want it short and concise so try to make video blogs that are informative, yet brief if you don’t want the audience to be skipping you.

3 Give focus on your technical needs

You don’t need a high end camera used in advertisements or movies to start on video blogging. If you have your regular video camera with you or you have a good phone with a nice camera in it, start filming. You can always edit on the colors and other stuff afterwards.

4 Pay attention on your body language

If you want your viewers to be more engaged, you might as well need to be authentic and engaging. Practice in front of the camera and pay attention on your gestures and body language. Project confidence, use an appropriate facial expression and gesture depending on the point you are talking about. In some instances, you may need a close up video to show intimate conversation and interest with your audience.

5 Don’t forget your content

Video blogging is not merely posting videos in your site. You must also have your written content along with it. The advantage of video blogging is to clarify and focus on important points that are rather difficult to emphasize using words. However, make sure that the content is also short so as not to overpower your videos. A good tip is to use bullets in presenting your written content instead of having long paragraphs.

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6 Review your videos

You must also question yourself if your readers and viewers are able to learn something from your video. Let someone critic it for you to better improve the content.

Video blogging is easy when you have already done a couple of videos. Don’t be afraid of committing mistakes. Besides, most successful video bloggers have started with errors too.

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  1. Chiastine Ross

    I heard about this video blogging few weeks ago and I do believe that this will be a new trend for marketing in the internet. I am thinking to try it myself too. Thanks for sharing. It helps a lot.

  2. Great write up!!
    Very useful tips for those who are thinking of getting started with vlogging, as video blogging is called today.
    Can you also suggest some free software(s) which can help create short videos from still pictures?

  3. Thanks for the useful points, as i will be soon starting video series for my tech blog, i am sure i will keep all the points in my mind for sure.

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