Social Media Mistakes That Will Cost You Dearly

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Social media is one of the best and most cost effective marketing tools that you can use to reach your potential online market. With social media, you do not have to allot a large budget to promote your products and services to your target customers. Many businesses also report increased sales and growth after tapping on the power of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and blogs. When using social media to promote your business, though, you should remember to avoid mistakes that can negatively impact your brand’s reputation. Here are some of the social media marketing mistakes that you should avoid at all costs:


Overdoing Your Marketing

Your followers did not subscribe to your updates to be bombarded with sales pitches from you. Even if the people who follow you are interested in doing business with you, your readers will eventually unlike or unfollow you if you do no nothing but tell them to buy your products and avail of your services. Your Facebook page should not just serve as your online store. Remember that social media is also a tool for building relationships with your audience so see to it that besides posting prices of your goods on your social media updates, take time to also share non-sales related news and information that can provide value to your readers. If you are selling clothes, for example, you might want to share tips as to how your customers should choose clothes that will look best on their body type.

Not Making Posts that Interest Your Audience

If you want more people to follow you, you should use your social media account as an information hub that can provide helpful information and tips to your readers. If you are selling toys, for instance, do not just use your Facebook page to post photos and details of the toys that you sell. Provide some information as well that can help parents make informed and intelligent choices when buying toys for their kids. By posting content that provide value to your readers, more people will be interested to read your updates.



You should avoid tagging people that you barely know in photos that have nothing to do with them particularly if those photos are images of the products you sell. This is called spamming and many people hate getting spammed. Spamming can get people to unfollow you and may even lead to your posts and photos to be flagged as spam.

Ignoring Your Customers’ Comments and Messages

One of worst things that you can do to for your business is ignoring your potential customers’ comments and messages on social media. Customers do not want to be ignored and not responding to your customers’ comments and suggestions conveys the message that you do not care about them at all. One of the primary purposes of businesses setting up a social media account is to engage with their customers. Your efforts though will be useless if you do not take time to respond to your customers’ inquiries and questions. While it is true that your customers can contact you through your business number, some customers still prefer to send their concerns through social media either as a comment or as a private message. One reason is that they want other people to know about their concerns and unless you have availed of a toll free number from RingCentral, customers also get to save money if they contact you on Facebook or Twitter instead of calling you. Give your customers the impression that you care about them and are willing to do something about their concerns by responding to their comments and private messages.

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