All About SEO, An Online Promotion in 2015

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In 2015, SEO techniques and practices in online promotion are becoming more complex, sophisticated and always changing, especially after the expansion of social networks, from Facebook, Twitter, Google+ to Pinterest, blogs and forums.

All About SEO, An Online Promotion in 2015

In this context, Google, the most popular search engine in the world, almost entirely reinvented itself lately, so that in 2013, traditional optimization techniques, on site and off site, can not only provide a reasonable position in search results, but may attract drastic penalties on the long term for a website.

Go Viral With Social Media

Specialist in SEO, Online Marketing and Social Media from around the world exhibited their views on the new ways of earning virtual markets, to attract fans / likes / share / PINs / qualified traffic or subscribers to blogs and newsletters and finally convince them to buy.

Search Engine Optimization tends to change not only in techniques, but also in how to approach the construction and content of anoptimized website.

Search engines are improving their indexing and ranking algorithms for web pages trying to mimic the human mind: to think the way a person thinks when looking for something in order to provide the best possible results according to the user’s preferences and expectations.

be update on social media

SEO advertising

Until now the mechanism was something simple and was based on keywords: a list of well-chosen keywords were found in the site, in some extent in text / Meta Tags / hyperlinks / URLs etc. If the site was backed up by a considerable amount of backlinks, it already secured a leading position in Google.

Now SEO techniques on site and off site are closer to ad (an advertisement done with honesty and quality) and the mechanisms that social networks rely on:

Quality content is more important than the number of keywords or the number of repetitions. This is where you need to know some of the most important guest post secrets

Permanently open communication channels: the site will have Facebook and Google+ or Pinterestand also a blog
Should provide more concrete and relevant information as compared to superficial and insubstantial information available on other websites

Give greater importance of video / audio / presentations / pictures

Meet the visitor’s answers to “Frequently Asked Questions”
Give up information gathered from various online sources and integrated in the site through the famous “copy – paste”

Off site promotion should also to give up old habits and opt for fewer links, but on quality websites and as natural as possible

Defining and promoting the brand

Adds are like a murder on order: if it doesn’t reach its target, the shooter cannot shoot again, because he has to run.

The weapon must be well calibrated before shooting and the target must be well visualized before aiming for the shot. Theoretically, a failure should not discourage us because new trials can follow until the target is reached. Practically,the optimization or advertisement that doesn’t reach its target for a new website that misses proper indexing in Google, could be a disaster.

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