Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – Does Bigger Mean Better?

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With Samsung finally unveiling the Galaxy S4 just a few months ago, the South Korean company is set to release yet another high-end device in the same family line. This will be in the form of the much awaited Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Of course, with this particular telecoms company being a leader in the industry, there is no wonder as to why a lot of rumors have already started circulating, both online and offline. One of the greatest talked-about aspects of this high-end Smartphone is its touch screen display.

Many claim that the Galaxy Note 3 will be featuring a much bigger display screen – larger than that of its predecessor, the 5.5-inch Samsung Galaxy Note 2. The question is, does having a considerably improved display screen size means that the new Note series will be better than the previous models? While there are not a lot of facts being revealed about the Galaxy Note 3 yet, some details have already been revealed. Read on to find out which rumors have the highest potential of becoming a reality.


Display Screen Size

What will be the display screen size of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3? This is the first question that a lot of people have asked after Samsung executive, J.K. Shin, slipped up and reported that the latest Galaxy Note series is in the works. Since consumers now know that the Note 3 does exist, they want to learn how big the phone will be, specifically the size of the device’s display screen.

Again, the exact measurement of the Galaxy Note 3 is still unknown, as the South Korean company is still keeping the details in secret. However, along with the report of executive J.K Shin saying that the handset does exist is that it will also be sporting a 5.9 inch display screen. Those who have been misled into believing that the Note 3 will have a 6.3 inch display screen should not be disappointed, as this will still be true, but in the other upcoming Galaxy models.


Operating System

In terms of operating system, consumers can expect that the Galaxy Note 3 will be launched with Google’s Android. However, which particular version of the Android operating system that will be used with the phone is still unknown.

What may excite consumers though is the fact that the latest version of the Google Android, which is the 5.0 Key Lime Pie, is soon to be released. It has been reported that the Nexus 5 will be launched running on Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie, so if Samsung decides to go head to head with this device, it is possible that the Note 3 will also be running on the newest Android platform.

Just keep in mind that there are still reports claiming that the Galaxy Note 3 will be running the Android 4.3 version, which is just an update to the Jelly Bean. Jelly Bean has satisfied a lot of Android-using consumers, so hopefully, even if the Note 3 will just be equipped with the update, it will still be worth writing home about.

Final Thoughts

Yes, a lot of things about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 are still mysteries, but those that have been discussed above seem to be the most plausible. The Galaxy Note 3 is definitely something that you can get excited about, especially if you are loyal to the South Korean company. However, if you need a telecom platform for your business, you should already begin looking for a highly trusted and reliable service, such as the RingCentral business phone system, seeing that this is not something that you should put on hold.

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