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Increasing the popularity of your business on Facebook is a great idea for a business looking to make more sales, but, in many cases, it is not enough. You need an ecommerce website that is feature packed with all the subtleties that will effortlessly bring in clients for your business.   Here is a good piece on launching your first ecommerce website, but here we are taking a look at important things every successful ecommerce store must have.

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A well designed logo

A properly designed logo is a must for every business. If your business doesn’t have one already, you need to create one now you are thinking of launching an ecommerce website.  An easily recognizable logo is a reassuring symbol and creates a level of trust for your brand. You would be surprised how important a logo is to making a sale and building the brand.

Provide freebies and free shipping

Most people decide whether or not they like a website in a few seconds, so, to make sure they don’t bounce away from your store, you need something to capture their attention.  Nothing works better than shopping deals. Special offers and time limited product releases, are two of the most popular attention grabbers. Here is a good piece on how shops leverage on the human nature of always looking for deals.

Free shipping is another draw for shoppers. Some people won’t buy online if they perceive that the shipping costs are anything other than cheap, or free. Depending on your market it might be a good idea to factor shipping into the price of your products.

Include a latest news and most popular products tab on your home page.

Your home page should be able to tell visitors about a sales period, upcoming events or any important news. You shouldn’t make it hard for your buyers to find exclusive deals, trending sales products and so forth. Bear in mind that recurring customers will want to be seeing fresh offers and products rather than the same things every time they visit. Keep things fresh.

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You need a shopping cart, login box and search box

The best ecommerce sites, such as those built by Cocoonfxmedia, have a shopping cart, a login box and a search box. You can’t have an e-commerce site without the shopping-cart function included. Many online shoppers are used to seeing a simple basket as the shopping cart, so it is best to choose something fairly conventional on your site. No need to reinvent the wheel here.

Similarly, the best stores make it possible for customers to create an account, which makes it easy for them to check all their previous and current orders. It also makes it easy for you to offer specific customers discounts and special offers.

The search box is vital if you have hundreds of items listed on your ecommerce site. Instead of scrolling for minutes through a long list of items, individuals can easily use the search box to find what they are looking for. Make the search intelligent so they do find what they are looking for.

By following these tips, you will be able to create an e-commerce store that will take your sales to new heights.

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