Gain an Entry Level Understanding of Apple Final Cut Pro X

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One of the most popular Apple programs within their digital media line of products is Final Cut Pro X, the video production suite for Mac OS X. Now, Apple is giving all interested individuals the chance to learn more about this program and pick up skills that can prove useful in the future. With the associate level certification in Final Cut Pro X, people of all ages can learn the basics about this program and get their feet wet in video production with one of the most professional and praised products on the market.

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 High school students, college students, and IT professionals alike can earn this certification. Unlike the other associate certification for the iWork product suite, this one is the first of three certifications that can be earned for Final Cut Pro X. Participants are in no way obligated to continue becoming certified after this certification, however. Depending on the job role you are considering and the amount of time and money you wish to put into your training with the program, one or all of the certifications can be earned.


 Training options for this certification are designed to take your ability to edit a simple project to a new level. Participants will learn how to begin a project, manage media, apply edits, and publish the project, among other things. A plethora of resources are available to help you succeed on the associated exam, 9L0-809, including documentation, a reference guide, training video, training courses, and Apple’s “Test Yourself” App, which allows candidates to assess their knowledge of information that will be found on this and the Level 1 exam. The test can be taken online at your ideal time, immediately after purchasing an exam code from Apple. Prepare yourself to become an expert in Final Cut Pro X with this entry level certification.

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