The Best Features of the New Xbox One console

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After months of rumours and speculation, it was recently announced that Microsoft would be launching the brand new Xbox console at the end of this year. Due to be released in November (i.e. just in time for the peak Christmas shopping period), the Xbox One is one of two highly anticipated next generation of consoles, alongside Sony’s Playstation 4.

next generation New Xbox One console 2014

Priced at £429, which includes the new Xbox Kinnect, an official controller and HDMI cable, the console is due to be a huge success. But what are the best features that the Xbox One has to offer?

HDMI-In Connection

Whilst its predecessor had a HDMI-out connection port in order to hook it up to a HD television set, the new Xbox also has a HDMI-in. This means that it can be linked up to your current TV provider, such as a Sky-HD box, and all run through the same channel on your TV. This makes integration of the two settings rather more seamless than in previous generations.

Smarter Kinnect Feature

Moving on from this is the new Kinnect, which Xbox users will need to have hooked up to the console at all times. However, it is a vital part of the working console. It will have voice recognition, meaning you can turn it on just by saying ‘Xbox on’. You will also be able to switch between game and TV modes by talking to it and the console will even know to turn on when you are walking towards it. With a built-in 1080p camera, you’ll also be able to have high-quality Skype conversations by using the console on your TV.

Blu-Ray Drive

Although a bit slow to the party with this feature (it was something that the Playstation 4 console has on its launch in 2006), this is nonetheless an important addition which could not have been forgotten this time around. Discs will now slide into the front of the console rather than be loaded into a clunky slider-style drive. Of all of the things so far, with my large Blu-ray collection, this is what is most likely going to persuade me to sell my Xbox 360 console and get one of these instead.

New Xbox One console next generation

Updated Controller

Although largely similar to the highly popular Xbox 360 controller design, the look and feel has been enhanced somewhat to make it even better from a usability perspective. Impulse triggers on the shoulder buttons are more responsive, while the analogue sticks are slightly smaller yet have a ‘grippy’ edge to make them more comfortable and easy to use. Although it may not look like it, there are in fact 40 small tweaks which have helped to improve the controller for the Xbox One.

Games Saved to Your Account

When a Xbox One owner now purchases a game, they will only need to insert the disk once. The game is then ‘tied’ to your Xbox account, meaning you will be able to play it straight away from your own console, or even by logging into another console elsewhere. You’ll also be able to carry on from games in exactly the same place you left them to really enhance the whole gaming experience.

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