Favourite that have already emerged onto the market that make the best use of your iPhone 5s or 5C

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The A7 processor in the Iphone 5s is the first of its kind to be integrated into a phone. It means that the possibilities for apps (and your battery life!) is greater than it has been before. Here are our favorite that have already emerged onto the market that make the best use of your Iphone 5s or 5C:

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Argus activity tracker – The Iphone does not usually have the best track record for good battery life, however, the dual core processor in the A7 processor means that your Iphone 5s can seamlessly run two or more apps at the same time without you seeing the kind of battery drain you may be used to. This means you can keep on track of your calories without having to worry about using other apps at the same time.

Pixlr Express PLUS – This company is already known for its high quality photo editing software, but they have now updated and made their app to the highest quality they can, making full use of the A7 processor. What does this mean to you? It means you can take and edit pictures from your phone. You can crop out, sharpen, zoom and remove red eye and then simply upload to your favorite social media in just minutes and without having to even switch on your laptop.

Total Conquest and Infinity Blade III – The makers of these games have been able to improve their games to make them even more immerse. The quality is better, the angles you can access greater and of course loading times will be much quicker than you’re used to.


A spokesperson from helpingu2save.co.uk stated: “With the release of the Iphone 5s and 5C we have seen a substantial increase in the quality and type of apps now available on the market. The internal hardware has been sped up dramatically and as a result we are seeing a new generation of apps that work perfectly with this new processor.”

There are a whole host of other apps becoming available now, meaning that your Iphone need not simply be a phone, but in many cases it can replace the need to use a laptop or PC.

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