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We all have smart phones these days. Have you ever thought of earning money by using your own smart phone? Well, there are many such apps available in the market that can help you earn from your smartphone but today I am here to share my views regarding an app called Clashot that can help you earn money by just capturing photos using your smartphone.

Clashot For Android: Review

Clashot is an initiative of one of the world’s most popular micro stock photo company called Depositphotos.

Clashot allows you to simply earn money through anything you capture by your smartphone camera. Be it a wedding or funeral, Clashot allows you to monetize every kind of photograph that you capture.

Once you download the app, you will need to create and publish your own reports. After this your reports would be reviewed by the officials before they go live on Clashot. The high quality and unique reports are published even on Depositphotos under the editorial section.

This means that you would get a chance to reach thousands of people who visit Depositphotos regularly to buy photos. For every sale that occur through your photo, you would be filling up your Clashot balance easily.

So this is exactly how Clashot actually works.

My Clashot Experience


This is the first window that you will land after you install Clashot app on your Android device.

Here you will see the activity of friends whom you are following on Clashot. This is going to be obviously empty in the beginning but as soon as you start following more and more people you will start getting beautiful photos in your feed.

Clashot Trends

The next thing to see is the Clashot trends. Here you will see the most popular photos in Clashot.

You should always try to upload such beautiful and unique photos that they are listed in this section to grab the attention of thousands of Clashot users worldwide.


As I had already told you that Clashot gives you an opportunity to follow other people just like Twitter so that you don’t miss any of their updates. Clashot also supports messaging facility. Though, I didn’t actually test this but I guess this is also something very interesting.

Not only this, Clashot also supports likes, comments and shares on photos of you as well as your friends.

Clashot Sharing Options

Currently Clashot gives you options to share the photos or reports on almost all major social networks including Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. You can even email the photos to your friends and relatives.

Clashot Payment Options

To upload your own photos, you will need to go through the Wizard option located in the middle of the main screen. It’s pretty simple and easy to use. Once you upload your photos they will be listed on Clashot’s website for sale. And after you start earning money, you can request money withdrawal request to either your PayPal account or Skrill account.

The minimum amount required for withdrawal is $50 and the request generally takes 7 days to process.

The user interface of Clashot is something that I loved most. The app is very well organized and easy to use. You can also check your detailed profile statistics by visiting your profile tab.

Final Words

Clashot definitely is a great app that stands out in the market now. The idea of generating money from your smart phones is really great. With a few more features and alterations in the app, the app could be amongst the editor’s picks within few months.

Have you downloaded the app? If not, download it from Play Store now.

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