How to clean up and release Android memory

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At some point we all throw away things that we will not use any more. It may be our old clothes or some old books which will be of no use to us or some DVDs which we have seen umpteen times. So, what about our smartphones ? Don’t they need a clean up once in a while! When we clear up our mess it gives the room a fresh look and is left with loads of space. The same thing happens to Android phones also. When you clean up and release Android Phone you will see how fast it has started working and how much space is left for new installation.

It’s clean up time!

clean up your android phone

Now when you have decided to take care of your Android phones then where do you start, right? Here are few steps that will help you in your mission –

  • Gaining back SD card space – The Android phones comes with two storage spaces – one is your internal space and the other one is the SD card space. Internal space is the place where your apps are stored and SD card is the space where you will find all your personal photos, music and videos stored. In comparison to internal space SD space is much easier to clean up. Here you just have to delete the unwanted photos, music and videos and you are done with it. You can remove just about anything that you think is not required any more. Now coming to internal space, here you have to uninstall all those games and apps that you do not use. If you are in love with your games and apps and don’t want to let them go then try moving them to SD card space. This will help you clear up the internal space and will make the android phone run faster than before.

android phones apps

  • Help your battery gain some life – You must remember to turn off your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when not in use as this will help you to restore battery. Look into the settings to make some changes like bringing down the light of the screen or you can also turn off app which is constantly consuming the battery life. This way you will be able to save the battery without going into much of a hassle.
  • Speeding up with the help of some settings change – We all tend to work slowly as we grow old and the same thing happens to our phone as well. When it is old it slow down so to speed it up you can use some new home screen launcher or install a custom ROM. These are the basic things but if you are a technical person then you can deal with this issue technically.
  • Cleaning up history – Without your knowledge some of your personal data like Google search history and browser data are recorded. This takes up most of the spaces so cleaning up every now and then really works wonders for your phone memory.

Now when you have enough free space now it is good to get some new apps or just enjoy the speed with which it is working again.

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