Best Game Apps for Android Smartphones

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Playing games is one of the top reasons why many people buy smartphones. This is very true for teenagers and young professionals. For this reason, smartphone companies have started creating game apps that can satisfy their customers. One good example of game apps are those especially designed for Android phones. For 2013, some of the most popular game apps are Angry Birds Space, Angry Birds Star Wars, Where’s My Water? Cut The Rope, Cut The Rope Experiments, Grand Theft Auto 3, Reckless Getaway, Spirit HD, Bad Piggies, Temple Run 2, ShadowGun, Rayman Jungle Run, Osmos and many others.

Below are the descriptions and features of some the aforementioned game apps:

Have More Fun with the All New Angry Birds Game App


Angry Birds

If you think you’ve had enough with the original Angry Birds and Angry Birds Stars Wars, think again. There is now the all new Angry Birds Space which offers more exciting features. Angry Bird has been very popular for years now. It is actually the number 1 mobile game of all time. And now, the characters have reached the space. It is also the winner of IGN’s “Best Mobile Game of 2012”. One of the best things about the new Angry Birds is that it is totally ad-free. With this, you won’t be bothered by irritating ads while playing the game. Moreover, it features 150 interstellar levels in zero gravity and on planets. This results to a new gameplay experience where there are lightspeed destruction and slow-motion puzzles. In addition, there are regular free updates, brand new superpowers, brand new birds and the whole galaxy to explore. The other features are zero-gravity space adventures. Hidden bonus levels, beautifully detailed backgrounds, and trick shots using planets’ gravity. Definitely, this new version will bring a lot of excitement to its avid fans.

Grand Theft Auto III Now on Mobile Devices

Grand Theft Auto III for android samrtphone

Grand Theft Auto III

The Grand Auto Theft III is a critically acclaimed blockbuster game that is now available on mobile devices. It is about Liberty City, a seedy and dark underworld where crimes sprawl everywhere. It has a wild cast of characters and a massive and diverse world. THE game challenges players to control the ruthless and intriguing world of crime. Moreover, the game also has stunning soundtrack, revolutionary open-world game play, darkly comic storyline and stellar voice acting.

The game has other features which make the game more exciting and thrilling to play. Some of these features are HD quality resolution, custom controls for the mobile platform, game play optimized for touch screen devices, countless hours of game play, integrated with Immersion Haptic Vibration Feedback, Tailoring of visual experience with the new video display settings, and visually stunning updated graphics, vehicle models and character. Aside from Android phones, the game is also available on Galaxy Nexus, LG Optimus 2x, Motorola Atrix 4G, Samsung Galaxy S2, Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, T-Mobile G2x,Samsung Galaxy R, Motorola Droid Bionic, Motorola Photon 4G, HTC Rezound, and many others. It is also available on tablets like Asus Eee Pad Transformer, Motorola Xoom, Acer Iconia, LG Optimus Pad, Medion Lifetab, and many more.

Though game apps are very popular among game enthusiasts, business people can also play these games. When they are not accessing RingCentral phone services, they can use their smartphones to play games if they need to relax or to kill time during long travels.

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