How to Attract the Audience with Your Twitter Account?

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Once one has set up his profile on the Twitter and has tweeted at least 5 to 10 times (as no one would like to follow any empty profile), he is ready to begin working on building his audience. The first aim is to have followers that are already connected with him on other social media websites or are familiar with him, his business, or his brand. The following things will help:

Twitter follow button

  • Add official Twitter follow button on your site or blog. In this way, readers/visitors may follow you without leaving your site or blog.
  • Use official Twitter retweet button on the posts, and make certain that it is set just to recommend that visitors follow you after your content is tweeted by them.
  • Add your own Twitter profile link to the email signature you have. You may do this with the help of simple URL or with the help of a fancy signature by using Wisestamp.
  • Add the Twitter profile link to the profiles that are on the community profiles and forum you take part in.
  • Enter your Twitter profile link to author bios on websites you often guest post for.
  • Essentially, try to look for any place where you may add the link to your Twitter’s profile and do it.

Once one has added his Twitter link in every above mentioned place, his next goal would be to connect with the people who are having similar interests and try to engage with such people.

Following are some very useful ways for finding the right people to be connected with:

Twitter profile link

  • Enable Twitter to find people you know by importing the contacts on AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail. Use Followerwonk for discovering people on the Twitter with specific keywords in the profile (or/and that are located in particular countries, states or cities, if you operate on local level).
  • Try find out who is very influential in the industry on Twitter by signing into the Klout and logging onto, then replacing the term “keyword” with the word that is applicable to your particular industry. You may go to a particular Klout profile by logging on to, then replacing the term “username” with Twitter handle. Now, click See More next to it user’s topics for finding the related Klout topics and people that are most known to them.
  • While you read blog posts, try to tweet them and try to include Twitter handles for main blog owner and author of post. Follow the both accounts.
  • While interacting with people on forums and social networks, also look at their profiles to see if they have got a Twitter link.

Twitter retweet button

As you start following new people, you should make them to notice you. You can look through their recent tweets to check if there is any tweet that you are able to reply to and retweet, or let them know that you follow them due to a same hometown or interest. In this way, they notice that you are following them and engaging with them.

Another effective way of increasing your exposure on the Twitter is to build authority in the industry, and get followers by answering questions that are asked by people on Twitter. You may do that by performing the Twitter search such as keyword filter:-links -http? Replace the term “keyword” with a phrase or word that is related to your particular industry. You also may add the other question words such as what, where, how etc. Save such searches on the Twitter or in your favorite Twitter management tool, keep on monitoring them, and answer the questions whenever you have a chance. If you have got content on your own site that would answer question (ideally in the blog post), you may share that link in your answer and drive the traffic to your site.

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