Best Apps for Keeping Track of Your Favorite Sports Team

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Does your busy life make it difficult to keep up with your favorite sports team? Try using these four best apps. They’ll give you the updates you need to stay informed so you always have a good comeback when you run into a rival who hates your favorite team.

Fox Sports Mobile is the Most CustomizableScoreCenter Gives You Scores to Any Sport

ScoreCenter gives you access to more information than you could ever need. It doesn’t matter if you’re a football fanatic or you like cricket because ScoreCenter gives you scores to practically any sport you can think of.

Once you choose a sport, you can browse through tons of statistics. That makes it great for sizing up teams and checking current scores.

The large amount of information can seem overwhelming at first, but the app lets you customize your experience. You can even synch it up to your myESPN account. In addition to scores and stats, you get videos, news and league standings. You can even have the app send you an alert when your favorite teams have breaking news.

TSN Mobile Grants Access to Canadian Sports

If you’re a Canadian, or you just love Canadian sports teams, you need the TSN Mobile app. In addition to the popular sports like baseball, basketball and football, you can receive information about Canadian hockey, curling and lacrosse.

You won’t find many American apps that offer curling updates. Like ScoreCenter, you have access to news, stats and scores. It’s all organized by sport. Unfortunately, this app doesn’t offer much customization, which can make it a little harder to use. Still, if you want information about Canadian sports, this is the app to get.

Fox Sports Mobile is the Most Customizable

If customization is a big deal to you, consider downloading Fox Sports Mobile to your BlackBerry 10 smartphone. The app’s MySports feature lets you arrange everything according to your preferences. You can set it to give you news about local sports teams. You can even connect the best app to Facebook to update your profile when you find something worth sharing about one of your favorite teams.

The focus on customization doesn’t mean that Fox Sports Mobile skimps on information. It gives you plenty of scores and stats. You can even watch video of games in progress.

Sofa Score has Information From Around the World

Sports fans who like to keep up with teams all over the world should download Sofa Score to their mobile devices. This best app lets you choose between ten sports. You can then choose a country and league to follow. 

The app also has a clean design that will help you find the teams that interest you. If you want to follow Formula 1 racing, it’s right there. If you want to follow rugby, that’s not problem, either. It’s all right on your phone, carefully divided into suitable categories.

What apps do you use to keep up with your favorite sports teams? Have any of your apps been big disappoints right when you really wanted a scores?

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