6 Most Addictive/ Popular Facebook Games

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When Mark Zuckerberg conceptualized Facebook, little had he imagined that he would be causing millions of people across the world to lose thousands of man hours every day, thanks to the highly addictive games which get the better of users’ common sense!

While most people use this social networking platform to stay connected with friends and family and log in once in a while to share a new status message or check out the latest goings on in their virtual friends’ lives, almost 21% of the users signed in to Facebook at any time are playing various online games.

6 Most Addictive/ Popular/ Interesting Facebook Games

Here is a list of 6 most highly addictive and popular Facebook games which give the users an adrenalin rush, as compiled by AppData.

Other popular games like Diamond Dash, Chef Ville, Pet Rescue Saga and Bubble Witch Saga were at positions 7- 10 in terms of popularity and addictiveness.

#6. Bejeweled Blitz

This is a highly addictive speed packed game where every player gets 60 seconds during which he must match the maximum number of gems and Multipliers.

Also called “One minute of endless fun” by diehard fans, it involves matching gems of the same color and swiping them. The players can do so in an L shape, T shape or a straight line. As the existing gems get matched, more gems from the top of the board cascade down to take their place.

Bejeweled Blitz

The players have to go make an all out effort to match the maximum number of them in the minimum possible time, and they get special bonuses for doing that as they try their best to see their name on the leader boards.

#5. Texas HoldEm Poker

This game wants to make me confess that online gambling and card games are as addictive and difficult to give up as the real thing.

May be even more addictive than the real thing, infact. Because you don’t have to stay out of home till wee hours of the morning or hang around with friends whom you wouldn’t want to be seen with if it wasn’t for your love for Poker.

Texas HoldEm Poker

Though the game in itself is free, you can visit the gift shop and buy gifts for your friends or deck up your seats.

One of my favorite places for hanging around when I want to kill my time! 😛

#4. Words with Friends

Scrabble is undoubtedly one of the most loved word games in the world (with perhaps only Monopoly being a close rival).

And all of us who have enjoyed battling out with siblings, friends, mom and dad as kids over this game know how this game can have you completely hooked if you love words.

Words with Friends

Almost a copy of the original Scrabble game, the online version of it gives you the option to start upto 20 games at a time and play them all at once while sending out push notifications to opponents.

Being able to chat with fellow players as you make new words adds to the fun.

Warning: I downloaded it on my cell phone few days back and my productivity has fallen to 40% of what it earlier was. The shameful thing is that I am still not sure whether I want to uninstall it. (Hope my teenaged son is not reading this 😛 ).

#3. Dragon City

This is another game where players enjoy breeding dragons and creating islands where they can live. The hatched and grow up dragons then fight those of their opponents, making it an action packed game.

Dragon City

Players move on to next levels as they overpower their rivals’ fire breathing monsters and can eventually become Dragon Masters on completing several levels successfully.

#2. Farm Ville 2

Though I don’t like this game too much (may be, because I haven’t played too much of it), I am sure this is a popular one- going by the number of Facebook Invites I get for playing Farm Ville 2.

Farm Ville 2

This game gives the players a chance to create, personalize and run a farm of their own where they can grow crops of their own choice and feed them to the animals at the farm, choose to harvest them at the time of their choice and a lot more making it a popular choice for all those who love to play games on Facebook.

Recently dethroned by Candy crush saga which now occupies the top slot, this game has been a huge hit on both Facebook and Zynga in the recent times.

#1. Candy Crush Saga

This is the current rage.

The game which has cast a magical spell on a huge percentage of Facebook users and actually has them ‘possessed’.

Quite similar to ‘Bejeweled’, players are required to crush various types of candies which might then contain obstacles which they must overcome to move on to the next level. Players are required to move the candies on the board vertically and/ or horizontally and create sets of a minimum of three candies of the same color.

Candy Crush Saga

One of the main reasons for its resounding popularity is the fact that it is sooooo simple that virtually everyone can play it which makes it as much of a hit with bored housewives as with 10 year olds on their tablets or iPads, with busy executives and with casual surfers.
The players are required to move candies from one place to another on the board and queue a few of them together to collect more points and move on to the next levels.
Since this is a highly addictive game, I did not download it on my mobile phone! Not that I am regretting it, because there is no dearth of apps and games I already have to while away my time whenever I choose to.


Are you addicted to any of these most popular Facebook games ?

If you are, take heart because you are not alone. There are thousands of people battling their imaginary opponents even as you are reading this post.
While that should be no excuse for wasting your time, do let us know about the games you find most interesting and the reasons for that choice!

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