Top Tips For Best Business Pitches

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A great skill one has to master in order to achieve business growth is to be a good sales pitcher. Assuming you know your project inside out and you can effectively communicate them to your investors, the only thing standing in your way is how to be able to convince these investors to take notice and purchase your merchandise.

The way you present yourself and your company greatly affects who buys into whatever you offer. Oftentimes, people buy into ideas, products, services or brands whenever they are presented well, professionally, confidently — and when the pitcher knows his numbers well.

Anyone can prepare a sales pitch but how you present it can create a big difference. The following are ways on how to deliver successful business pitches. Always remember that you only get that one chance to create a big impression so better make sure that you nail it.


It is a must that you do research on the company leaders with whom you will be meeting. Use Google or other social media as your resource like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. Get as much information as you can so that you may be able to create a need for them that your company can provide. If you know your clients well, you can engage with them on a more personal level.

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It is imperative that you are knowledgeable about the products or services that you will be presenting. Back up your pitch with hard data, create an AVP or give out detailed printed copies for your audience. Most entrepreneurs are only interested in the facts so make sure that your numbers are accurate and credible. Be ready to answer questions about ROI, turnover, gross and net margins and so on. If investors feel that you speak confidently and portray an image of professionalism, they find it reasonable to presume that you are very sincere and genuine.

Best Business Pitches

The Pitch

It is your goal to let your investors realize that they need something that your company can provide. A great approach is to explain a certain situation wherein change must be made. Explain in great lengths on how your company can help you in improving this aforementioned situation. Roll out your action plans and demonstrate how and why you came about finding the idea to solve the problem. Be able to show its long-term efficiency.

If you are talking about innovation, be mindful of your technical jargon. Explain carefully what an IP PBX can do for a company, or try your best to define terms like “bandwidth” or “answering rules.”

Investors obviously want to team up with a company that produces big results. Be able to provide them with background information concerning your relevant past accomplishments and give them a list of companies that you are currently servicing. Show your enthusiasm all throughout. Sometimes, the product itself may not be as appealing, but the way you conduct yourself with positivity and the passion to succeed often gives the investors something to think about and may consider investing in you.

Follow Through

Even if you weren’t able to close the deal there and then, call them at the time that they have specified for you to follow up. If they need more data or you weren’t able to answer some of their inquiries during the presentation, you can call them within twenty-four hours to provide the needed data and answers. This serves as a dual opportunity for you to do a tenacious follow up and also to discover and manage other issues that weren’t discussed in your last meeting.

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