The 5 Best Android Mobile Phones to Date in 2014

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There are so many Android devices that have been released so far and it can be quite hard to keep up with all of the newer phones that continue to be created. Keeping up with the best technology is important for us, so if you are trying to figure out what Android phone you want to get next, take a look at these 5.

Samsung Galaxy S4

samsung galaxy 4 best android phone

This high end smartphone was released in April and has gotten incredible reviews. It is powerful, fast, and can do almost anything you could ever imagine doing with your phone. It has a similar look to the Samsung Galaxy S3, but has upgraded hardware and focuses on running applications and programs much more efficiently. This phone can sense when a finger is just hovering over it, so you no longer even need to use your fingers when they are a mess or they are wet. Samsung sold over 20 million of these phones within the first 2 months of it being released, so that right there can tell you it is definitely worth looking into.

Sony Xperia Z1

sony z1 best android phonesony z1 best android phone

The Sony Xperia Z1 was released back in September and is known for is dust and water resistance capabilities. Considering how fragile most smart phones are, this can be really useful for people who are in construction or are around water for long periods of time. It has gotten great reviews and is considered to be among the best of the recently released smartphone when considering how fast and powerful it can be.

Google Nexus 4

google nexus 4 android phones

Although the Google Nexus 5 is soon to be released, this predecessor is considered to be a very valuable phone that can provide you withplenty of features. It was released late 2012 and was priced much lower than other top of the line phones at release. You can currently find them for less than half the price of the Galaxy S4 or similar phones. While the hardware might not be as fast as new phones, it still offers a quad core processor, a 4.7 inch screen, and offers 720p display.


htc one best android phone

Released back in March, this HTC phone offers almost all of the features the newer phones do, it can currently be bought at a low price of $199.99 at most major retailers. While the price is cheap, don’t let that make you think it isn’t capable of handling all of your phone needs. It has a 1.7 HGz quad core processor with 1080p display, making it a great choice for anyone.

Asus PadFone

asus padfone best android phone

This 7 inch phone is a smartphone and tablet hybrid made for users to don’t really like carrying multiple different devices around. It’s very powerful and much larger than the regular phones you will run into. You will have access to everything you need with the PadFone and it will run smoothly. It is great for people who enjoy to use their device to watch media or that need to run programs that are usually to demanding for other phones.

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