Smartphone Apps For The Smart Start-up Owner

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Conducting business has become a whole lot easier for start-up and small business owners now. Smartphones and other mobile devices pack almost the same capabilities as personal computers in terms of real-time online access and therefore allow business correspondence and paperwork to be done even in mobile situations. Business people who are mobile device users however need to make themselves familiar with various online technologies to be able to harness them towards productivity and efficiency.

It does not take a huge amount of tech savvy for people to operate smartphones. The same is true when dealing with various other efficiency and business productivity tools that could be uploaded as apps or installed as software in mobile devices. There is therefore no compelling reason for smart start-up and small business owners to skip smartphones business options that could be of immeasurable help to them like the following apps:

Smartphone Apps For The Smart Start-up Owner

For customer support, entrepreneurs could consider having the app in their smartphones whether they have iOS or Android operating systems. The app enables business owners to communicate with a whole lot of customers across various platforms like email, web discussion boards, and even social media. Customers appreciate brands and companies that enable them to get quick and easy access to information regarding products, services, prices, discounts, promos, payment terms and buying processes. Having one on your mobile device means practical connectivity.


For truly reliable business VoIP connectivity, the RingCentral app helps manage your entire system of locations, departments and individual extensions wherever you go. You can send unlimited text messages from your business number. Start conference calls with just one tap and easily invite participants using text or email. The app comes free with any RingCentral plan and could function compatibly with iOS or Android systems.

In the process of doing business with a wide assortment of business contacts, customers and partners, you are bound to accumulate lots of information and documents about various transactions and financial docus. Be able to sort and view all of them in one convenient location in your iOS or Android devices from anywhere anytime.

Documents to Go

Enable your mobile devices to get fully integrated with Microsoft Office and PDF files so you never have to worry about not being able to view or share them with your people when the need to do so arises. The app works compatibly on Mac OSX, Windows, iPhone, iPad and Android devices.


This app allows you to synch documents, saved web pages, and shared content to the cloud. Saves you a lot of disc space since cloud-based tech typically unburdens devices of space-hogging files in drives. Word processing tasks become a breeze with the app too. Available in Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows phones.


Financial management tools also need to be handy with you all the time to make quick references with regards to cash flow and sales figure monitoring. With this app you could efficiently record and manage sales and also create email estimates to customers as soon as you could. Quickbooks functions compatibly with the iPhone iOS 4.2 or greater and any Android phone.


Allow yourself the informational access anywhere you might be via the cloud-based Box app. File sharing becomes easier with people you do collaborative work since it allows you and your employees to manage permissions with online swiftness. iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows devices work compatibly with this apps.


This cloud-based storage app unburdens you to of the need to lug around external drives, USBs and even laptop-based drives since all work files could be stored in Dropbox cloud servers. You could access files from anywhere anytime and be able to share them with people you authorize access. Save a file on a folder and it automatically synchs the file onto all other devices. The app works with iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Kindle Fire devices.

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