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Photography is no rocket science, you know it. You may be holding a palm sized smartphone and might be surprised why I said so, just a hangover that old people having camera and saying photography is not for everyone.

Well, might be surprising, but not anymore as the demand has stuck with everyone and evolutionary smartphones are here. Smartphones growing hot with ascending pixel qualities and clarity with zooming numbers shooting up. Hence smartphones are living to beat the traditional point and shoot cameras in days to come.

Now you got a smartphone, and all you need now is an application that takes of care of pictures and videos that you capture.

Pixlr Express

How having an application makes a difference to your smartphone? and why it is better to go with smartphone than the point and shoot cameras. In smartphone, you can install any application that you like and that application does variety of functions which may be missing in our static cameras, you have to live with it. Now which is the best application? We have filtered a lot and came to a view that Pixlr Express is one cool and amazing app for people who love photography.

Pixlr Express can work internally as a best photo polish tool but externally it is your job to take catchy pictures in best possible light. Pixlr Express wasn’t born in hurry and it is well nurtured in the good hands. You heard of AutoDesk Inc? Yes, the guys who made famous AutoCAD has given you a fabulous app for free. This app has received good comments in all the forum and also has received good ratings in the Android forum.

Pixlr Express is lightweight and does take only 6MB of your memory, User Interface is just fluid and loads faster, you won’t face any hiccups switching between settings and taps. Developers have fixed the earlier bugs and it won’t force close when there is shortage of memory access, makes it stand better compared to other apps.

android photo app

Pixlr Express has got folds of options and includes every bit of a photo editing app, be it cropping, resizing, color contraction, rotating, frames, blur, red eye removal, pixel stretch, etc.

Just open the app and start taking snaps with one click access, edit them as you desire. It is not that you can only edit snaps taken through it but also can take in whole gallery. When you finish a capture, no need to move around for a frame, just a tap, fit in any frame you like out of them.

android photo apps for mobile

Viewing experience is unmatchable and eases your file management. As usual, this app too has an Social media integration and performs quick visit to twitter, facebook, etc. I had a assumption that this app might be slow and dead due to heavier options in it but it does take it all swiftly.

All i want to say is, this app is impressive and won’t be a disappointing try, it’s worth a run and you’ll be addicted to it. In case if you wish to go for more choices then do check camera apps for android and find out which suits you better. Already tried? let us know your views about it below in comments.

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