Registering Your Company With the CTPS: How Effective Is It? Is It Enough to Stop Unwanted Calls?

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If you have an enterprise, then you know just how crucial it is to protect its interests at all times. Running a business is risky enough in itself, and you don’t want to have to contend with additional risks you could very well prevent. These additional risks can come in the form of unwanted calls, or nuisance sales calls. Nuisance sales calls usually target private residences – but numerous companies have also fallen victim to these unwanted calls and scams.

Knowing this, you may have to registering your company with the CTPS, or the Corporate Telephone Preference Service. Often, however, this is only the first step to truly blocking unwanted calls once and for all. But how do you registering your company with the CTPS in the first place?

Registering Your Company With the CTPS

Who can register with the CTPS?

As the name implies, the CTPS is for corporate organisations. This would include a limited liability partnership registered in England, Northern Ireland, and Wales, or a partnership in Scotland. Of course, this would also include a limited company in the UK. Government offices and agencies, schools, hospitals, other public bodies, and PLCs can register as well.


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Sole traders and partnerships (except in Scotland) can only register with the TPS, or Telephone Preference Service, which is dedicated to individuals and residential addresses, and not with the CTPS.

What to expect when you register with the CTPS

Keep in mind that when you register your enterprise with the CTPS, you are not supposed to receive any sales and marketing calls to the numbers that you provide. However, registering with the CTPS may also prevent you from receiving calls from other organisations which may be relevant or useful in your line of business.


Only those who are authorised to register a company will be able to do it. You can choose to register only certain telephone numbers in various departments in your organisation as well. Departments which still wish to receive calls need not be registered with the CTPS.

Registered with the CTPS is free of charge, and it will come into effect within 28 days. Every year, the CTPS sends a notification to registering your company with the CTPS, asking them if they would like to renew their registration.

Is CTPS registration enough?

Unfortunately, registering with the CTPS may not be enough to stop calls and scams operating from abroad. These scams do not fall under UK regulations, and it is more difficult to prevent them from calling your organisation. If you really want to stop nuisance calls, you can enlist the services of companies like Group Utilities, which is the first and only community-sourced call blocker. A community of people is actually doing the blocking – if one sales number is blocked by a member of the community, then this number will automatically be blocked for the entire community. Other call blockers only allow you to block every number by yourself. This type of blocker also allows international calls from colleagues but blocks international marketing numbers. So, in effect, your organisation is not limited to local calls, especially if you have plenty of dealings with businesses or clients from abroad.

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