How to Hide WhatsApp Timestamp/ Last Seen Status on Android

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The constantly showing “Last seen” on WhatsApp can be a big nuisance.

It is seen as a serious intrusion of privacy by many and causes lots of quarrels and misunderstandings between people. The problem, however, is that it was not possible to hide WhatsApp “Last seen” till recently on android based devices.

Most apps in the play store which offer you to hide your Last seen timestamp work by disabling your mobile data and Wi-fi every time you log into it. The major disadvantage with this is that you cannot have a live chat with any of your contacts since you will not be signed in to your WhatsApp. Besides that, it means adding one more app to your phone and making your device that much slower.

Though iPhone users could hide the “Last seen” option, android users had to be content with using one of the many useless apps mentioned above or by manually disabling their Wi-fi connection and mobile data before checking their WhatsApp.

The option to hide the WhatsApp timestamp is now available to android users as well.

For the benefit of our readers, here is a brief tutorial for both iPhone and android users which will enable them to hide their WhatsApp “Last seen” without downloading another silly app from the Play store or iTunes.

How to Hide WhatsApp “Last Seen ” on Android Using .apk File

Let me begin this by telling you that you CAN NOT hide WhatsApp “Last seen” on android based device unless your mobile set/ cell phone is running on Android version 2.1 or higher.

Here are the easy instructions:

  • If your phone is running on an android version lesser than 2.1, try to upgrade it if possible.
  • Having done that, go to your PHONE Settings.

I am repeating here: Do NOT go to your WhatsApp settings. Go to your device settings.

Settings> Security.

Enable ‘Download from unknown sources’ under the Security tab.


  • Now, go to the WhatsApp website and download the .apk file for the same. Since you are reading this article here, it will be easier for you to download the .apk file from THIS link and send it to your mobile.
  • You can choose to save this .apk file to your sd card or internal storage. After downloading the .apk file to your device, tap on this file. As you do so, you will be shown two options:
  1. Package installer
  2. Verify and install


  • Click on the first option i.e. Package installer. As you click on it, you will get this message:


Allow it to update the app. None of your WhatsApp messages, chats, images or videos will get lost inspite of the upgrade.

  • Now that your WhatsApp has been upgraded, you have to change your WhatsApp settings.

Read carefully. This time, you will go to your WhatsApp settings and NOT your device settings.

Settings> Account> Privacy

  • You can make three NEW choices from the privacy option here:


1. “Last seen” status: You can choose whether you want to share your Last seen status or WhatsApp timestamp. Whether you want to share it with ‘Everyone’, ‘My contacts’ or ‘Nobody’.

2. Share Profile Photo: You can make the same choice with your profile photo as well, an option which was hitherto not available.

3. Status: Your WhatsApp status will henceforth be visible only to those you choose to share it with.

Keep in mind:

  • This option is available ONLY to cell phone users.

The option to hide WhatsApp timestamp or “Last seen” status without adding another app is not yet available for those accessing WhatsApp through a tablet device.

  • Once you choose to hide your “Last seen” status from other people, you will not be able to see their “Last seen” too.


When I downloaded the whatsapp.apk file, I uninstalled my previously running WhatsApp before I installed the new version using the .apk file. None of my data (chats, videos, audio lips or images) were lost in the process.

Did this tutorial help you to hide your WhatsApp “Last seen” on your android phone without downloading another app?

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