How to Hide Gmail Address from Google+ Strangers?

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You may soon be able to hide your Gmail id from Google plus strangers, reports Cnet, one of the biggest and most reliable source of tech related news and reviews.

As most people who have their email ids on Gmail would know, their existing email addresses are by default synchronized to their Google+ account. And, needless to add, most of us are extremely unhappy about it.

The reason being that our email address becomes visible to everyone if we choose to reply to anyone who is on Google+.


A few days back, Google announced the integration of its Gmail service with Google+, allowing all Gmail users to send emails to anyone who is on Google+ network without disclosing their email id.


Though the feature has not yet been introduced, it will be rolled out soon and be made available to users across the globe.

The email address of the person sending the email will not be exposed or made visible to the receiver of an email till he chooses to reply to that message in his Inbox.

Though it is seen as a great initiative by most people, the downside to this is the fear of getting lots of spam and unwanted mails in the Gmail Inbox once the users opt for it, which is something we all hate!

How to Hide Gmail id from Unknown Google Plus Users?

To avail of this feature and to be able to send out emails from your Gmail id to unknown Google plus users without disclosing your email address, follow these steps:

1. Go to Gmail Settings.

2. Scroll to “By default email via Google+” feature, which shows under the “General” tab. Turn it OFF.

3. Having turned this off, opt for a setting which suits your requirements best. You can choose from options like “Circles”, “Extended Circles” or “No One”.


4. Save the changes.

If the existing or future Gmail users do not want to use this feature they can simply opt out of it. It should be easy to do so for any person who can manage his email account.

Do you like the idea?

Would you want to send out emails without making your email address visible to the recipients of your messages?

Or, do you think it will lead to spamming and make the task of managing your Inbox more onerous for you?

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