How to create a timeline in PowerPoint using Smart Art

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Power point timelines had found their usefulness in enhancing the technical features of the presentation. Timeline introduced to Microsoft Power Point 2007 never had a step back rather it comes with new and attracting features every time, Microsoft updates its products. You can also create timeline using Smart Art feature in power point. This article will inform you about Smart Art feature in power point and how to create timeline using Smart Art.

How to create a timeline in PowerPoint using Smart Art

What is Smart Art?

Smart Art is really an interesting tool in power point. It is of great use to people who just want to create an exhibition of slides in their power point slide or a timeline related to historical happenings. User can customize timeline according to his requirements using smart art feature in power point. It adds appeal, serenity and beauty to the timeline with automation.

Smart Art is very excellent and creative tool for managing the graphical representations in timeline of power point with ease and simplicity. Smart Art is responsible for attracting people’s eyes and makes the timeline attractive enough gather attention of the audience.

How to Create Timeline using Smart Art?

Step One: The first step engage user to click on Insert Tab for creation of timeline using Smart Art. Then the option list appears. The user must choose the option of Smart Art and after it; he/she should select the design of power point timeline. The timeline designs are under Process folder. It has number of timeline designs in Microsoft Office 2010 and Microsoft Office 2013.

Step Two: The second step engage user to click on OK button present on lower right end of the displayed Window.

Step Three: Followed by second step, the user should now enter the elements of timeline after clicking the OK button on the displayed window.

Step Four: Now, the user will match the colour effects on slide and then he/she might need to go to Design Tab option, available in Power Point Ribbon.

Step Five: After completing step four, user can choose from different colour options and apply them according to his/her choice on the timeline. It also has a multi colour design option available to give multi colour design to timeline. This will add beauty to the timeline. The user can also click on Change Colours option to change the colours used in timeline. So, by this user can comfortably edit his timeline accordingly. User can also choose from different shape effects available on board like shadow, inserting border etc.

Step Six: The timeline is now created using Smart Art- the most powerful tool available in power point.


Smart Art had brought a revolution in creation of timeline for presentation in powerpoint. This feature is enormously used by business firms, education centres, designers for creation of projects, timelines, lecture delivery etc. The Smart Art feature in power point is quite unique from all other features. So user must go with this powerful tool to create timelines and make them look charming and beautiful.

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