How to Add, Save Notes, Highlight on Kindle eBooks

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If you love to read eBooks on Kindle, you will be delighted to know that Amazon also gives you the wonderful option to add and store notes and highlights chosen passages on your Kindle eBooks as you read them.

Though I have been using kindle for quite some time, I did not know of this feature till recently. A voracious reader who devours books rather than just reading them, I love to underline and highlight certain parts of my books as I go turn the pages.

Since I was unaware of the presence of this feature on kindle, I was often distressed because of my ‘inability’ to highlight, make notes and scribble along my musings as I had read an eBook.

Not so anymore.

A friend recently told me that I could go on to underline and add my notes on my kindle eBooks as well. As soon as I had tried it out, I knew I had to share it with all my readers too.

How to Add, Save Notes on Kindle eBooks

Here is what you need to do if you love to dirty your books as you rummage past them, like me:

Log in to your kindle account using your Amazon username and password.

Go to the eBook or PDF file where you want to add notes.

Go to the exact page where you want to add them. Use the arrow keys around the “Enter” key at the bottom of your device to choose the exact line/ words you want to choose.

As you move the cursor to the beginning of the selected text, a message saying “Begin typing to start a note or click to start a highlight” appears at the bottom of your Kindle page.

Add, Save Notes, Highlight on Kindle eBooks

Needless to add, you can choose to simply highlight the selected text by clicking the Enter button.

If, however, you wish to add notes to this text for future reference, simply type out what you want to add using your Keyboard.

After you are done with typing your notes, go to the option reading “Cancel”, “Clear”, “Save and Share“, “Save Note” at the bottom of your page in the box where you have just typed your Notes.

Add, Save Notes, Highlight on Kindle eBooks 2

ChooseSave Note” to save your notes to your eBook.

You can also copy and paste the highlighted text or your notes to a Word document, Evernote, etc.

Not only this, you can even choose to share the highlighted text or your scribbling across social networks like Facebook and Twitter, if you have connected your Amazon account to them.

If not, go to your Amazon account. Menu> Settings> Social Networks> Manage.

You are required to approve kindle access to these networks if you wish to link to these sites.

For obvious reasons, a Twitter message must be less than 140 characters long though a Facebook message can be as long as you wish it to be.

Once you have saved your notes, you can view them any time by clicking on the Menu. Go to the “View my notes and marks” option at the bottom of the list from the drop down menu.

As you click on this option, your device will show you the paragraphs where you have added notes or highlighted.

You can even view your kindle notes on your tablet device, laptop or desktop by logging in to your Amazon account.


Though I was ecstatic to discover the option to add and save notes on my kindle device, I wish it also gave me the option to edit my saved notes at a later stage.

While you can browse through my jottings and notes as and when you wish to from whatever device you choose, you cannot edit the notes which have once been saved.

Besides the option to add and save notes, you can also view the most highlighted passages and excerpts by other readers without revealing their identity.

If you connect your kindle device to your computer or tablet using a USB cable, you can also copy your Kindle notes to another program on your computer by copying the “MyClippings.txt” file to your computer’s hard drive.

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