Hanging Out with Google

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We are born social butterflies. We just love socializing with others. We make friends along the way, and enemies too. But nevertheless, we attest to the saying, “No man is an island”; we have kept our phonebooks with contact details and with addresses of our relative, friends, classmates, office-mates, etc. And looking back at history, communication was developed because there was a need to connect with each other. The primitive era needed to exchange messages too! Through spoken or painted drawings on rocks and walls, they are able converse. Communication served as a link connecting people from across the world. There goes the conventional and traditional letter writing and telegram, not to mention the public proclamation of messages from Kings using just the voice! Today, we got the telephone, cellular phones, smart phones, and the Internet to connect with just anyone around the world.

Hanging Out with Google air

Google Hangout : The latest in social networking

Communication sprang and developed because the necessity is as clear as sunlight. Hence, looking forward to the many innovations in communication, we can say that we have gone a long way already. Remember Friendster? It’s the online friend-making device that came before we got crazy over Facebook. We got MySpace and Multiply, as well as emails and VoIP apps Yahoo Mail, Skype, WeChat, and of course the growing Google Hangout.

Google Hangout has been established to jump from the one-on-one video chatting towards face-to-face group conversations. It also utilizes unique mechanism to flawlessly switch the spotlight to the current chatter. And it is not just video chatting that Google Hangout offers to Internet geeks and surfers, it also bridges the online sharing of photos, videos from YouTube, documents, scratchpads, etc. This efficient online application is one of the fastest growing communication providers available today. And the best part is? It’s free.

Hanging Out 101

  • First off, make an account in Google+, you need to sign in there so as to access Google Hangout. Make sure to put your name and other relevant information that can introduce you to the world of Google Hangout.
  • Once you have built your account, you can see at the bottom part of your share box the “Google Hangout” button. You may even try clicking “Hangout Party” also at the bottom part of your Hangouts list. Afterwards, click the “Start a Party” button.
  • From there, you can now add in your friends or the people you would like to join you on your Hangout. Put them in specific circles. You have the choice to limit those who can join your Hangout party. You can only include those who are 18 and older, just click the “Advanced Options button”, and then select the “Restrict minors from joining this Hangout” button.
  • Now that all is set, you may now start sharing or virtually distributing invitations to your circle of friends! You can now start the party!
  • If you want to add more people in your Hangout party, you can add them directly while the video call or chat is happening. Just click the “Add people” button, then you have to type their names and then you are good to go!
    Google Hangout perfectly complements other avenues for communication; and if your business is subscribed to the RingCentral business VoIP, for instance, you can hang out with your Google peers whenever there’s Internet.

So, whatever manner or device we use to communicate with other people, we still grow with the same necessity of relating to others. We continuously need to converse, make friends, and well, enemies along the way. Google Hangout is another part of the growing history of communication, who knows what’s next?

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