Future of Android Explored: Android in 2020

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Introduction: Android in 2020

Android is an OS that is owned by Google. This OS is introduced and first used in the year 2008. The versions of the android OS comes in the alphabetical order. The latest version of android OS is Jelly bean. Each version is improved in its feature and the applications it has. The android is improved in the interface, applications, playbacks options and many more.

As the features improve from version to version the OS is getting more advanced. The improvement is more stable and the features are unimaginable. If the OS is improved in such a way the android OS is more advanced in the future. This prediction gives the features in android OS at the year 2020.

Future of Android Explored 2020



Maps are the apps that are commonly used in almost all the smartphones. These apps are very useful in navigation of all the areas. These apps are not very much accurate in the navigation at the beginning. But now a days these apps are very much improved and allows you to navigate to a maximum accurate navigation and also comes with the voice guides. As the year reaches 2020 this maps app is more advanced with many awesome features. Already the street view camera is hiring out by Google and enables you to see inside the buildings. In 2020 you can expect more performance and imagery views of the buildings.

Now a day the recorded images are not the present views. These images are captured before a matter of time and stored by Google. But in future you may able to see the present images and appearance of the streets and buildings.

Android Messaging:

The messaging is not the only way of communicating the person you want to. The communication is done by SMS, E-mail, Voice calls and video calls. But each way of communicating is differ from each other. Now a day the communication in each way is done by different apps till the day of Hangout released by Google. Normal apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, FaceTime, Skype are allowed to concentrate on only few tasks such as SMS and calls. But the Hangout released by Google is the combinational software that allows the user to communicate through SMS, Voice call, Video call, Email and more. At the time 2020 the android devices may have the fee video calling services through 5G network too.

Android Hardware:

Hardware are the most important part in the android development. This hardware is improved with great features but comes in smaller, thinner and very much lighter. These improvements in hardware are mainly responsible for the technologies we are using today. The bendable displays are the dream of many mobile phone users and this may be placed in future near 2020.

Now a day the best hardware are in existence. But in future near 2020 many improvements might happen like battery capacity is increased with smaller size and weight, processor may be very much smaller with a great performance and much more.

Even now the great technologies are introduced such as Samsung Galaxy Gear, Apple iWatch and Google Glass. These improvements in hardware is just a beginning and as the time moves forward there may be a more advanced hardware improvement .

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  1. Hello Vijendra,

    Feature of Android is very nicely predicted by you guys ! Hope some awesome updates come soon after lollipop. 🙂

    Yash Gohel

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