Exciting New Year Giveaway from BlazeVideo

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Blazevideo is an online store for multimedia software purchase, download and upgrade. The company is over twelve years old and has been developing imaging and video technology to great new levels. A host of very high quality video applications are available for download from this website, mostly at modest rates. However, the great news is that for the New Year 2014, the website is literally giving away one of its top DVD Creator software for free.

BlazeVideo online store for multimedia software

Free Software for the New Year

DVD Creator is a professional DVD Burning and customization tool. It has been specially programmed by the BlazeVideo team and offers a multitude of features for use with DVDs in both home and work atmosphere. The software is typically prices at $39.95 but is offered for free as a giveaway from January 5 to January 15. The offer, along with other offers discussed below, is a mega benefit opportunity for customers.

blazevideo giveaway or Buy One Get One Free offer

Features you get for Free

DVD Creator has ahost of cool features including but not limited to DVD burning, DVD Customization, pre-burn reviewing and DVD Ripping to ISO files. The software allows you to burn DVD from almost all common low and high definition file formats with a fast and easy burning tool. Apart from this, it allows you to sort your files for simple access by use of a menu which you can customize using different menu skins and background music. This makes the software ideal for creating your own DVD, like a record of your wedding or of your child’s birthday.

 Moreover, the software allows you to rip DVDs into ISO files for access without a DVD Rom drive loaded at all times. This lets you use multiple DVDs at the same time while having a single or no disk drive. While burning of DVDs, one can make use of the preview function to take a sneak peek at what exactly your DVD would play like once it is burnt. Undoubtedly, it is a high quality tool, and you get it for free.

BlazeVideo player review

Other Festive Offers from BlazeVideo

Other than the New Year giveaway, the website is also offering a host of other exciting offers for buyers and visitors involving a lot of exciting and useful software. There is the Buy One, Get One Free offer which allows the buyer to choose one second free software from a list upon buying one package. Apart from this, a lot of packages available in the website are being given away at discounts of up to fifty per cent. Finally, any product you buy from the store during the New Year Sale is available from the website at a flat thirty per cent off; all you need to do is to enter the coupon code BLAZEXMAX.

Hence, in one of the most alluring marketing strategies ever seen, BlazeVideo is booming with discount offers and free gifts. The offer is only valid for a short duration of time. Do not hesitate to get hold of the freebies and take advantage of the discounted prices. 

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