How Electronic Cigarettes and Mobile Apps Will Work Together

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There is so much technology around us that it may be sometimes hard to keep up with the latest developments and news. Smartphones, laptops, tablets, LCD screens and many other gadgets, we have it all! No matter how rich or poor, people do all they can in order to purchase awesome devices that are designed to make living more comfortable, or to add a little color to the boring everyday routine. One of the most significant steps which prove that man has taken a leap further in the world of digital technology is the electronic cigarettes. What better way to show the world that you are a modern man, than by digitizing one of your most trivial habits?

electronic cigarettes and mobile app

Green smoking has become the latest rave, and it seems as though more and more people are ready to make the switch. It seems somehow unfair that people pay so much attention to smartphones and tablets, but refuse to inform themselves about things that might actually change their lives.  I am not only talking about electronic cigarettes, but also about many health apps and gadgets that were designed to help us become healthier.  The electronic cigarette industry has taken a step forward, as manufacturers have introduced numerous apps that are designed to enhance the vaping experience and lower costs. As a matter of fact, several manufactures including V2, and EverSmoke are encouraging app developers to release more tools.

There are already some brilliant apps that one can consider. Most of them have various features that help track liquid intake, costs, and remaining puffs and so on. It all started with a research conducted by “Futurity”, a site in the USA, which reported the urges of smokers with the help of an intuitive app. During a period of time, they tested the behavior and withdrawal symptoms of various individuals. The conclusion of the experiment was that an app that monitors your performance may very well encourage you to continue on a certain path. Furthermore, most apps were designed to take care of the little things that we usually forget about.

The research mentioned above has already proved that the implementation of smartphones  technology is useful for smokers, now more than ever those electronic cigarettes have become so popular. As a matter of fact, it is no longer a matter of addiction, but rather passion. More and more vapors have found a true hobby in customizing their devices. There are actually annual conventions where they meet up and share their latest designs. Subsequently, they are willing to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for new parts. This is a great opportunity for manufacturers and app developers alike. So if you are interested in developing new apps, or simply tweaking your vaping experience, why not take a look at the many tools which can be found on the Google store?

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