Do’s & Don’t’s For a Successful Online Reputation Management in 2015

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The job of online management reputation has evolved a short time ago and has gained a high level of importance all around the world. The process of management of online reputation needs the manager to consider few do’s and don’t’s to avoid any negative impact of the management technique followed by the reputation manager.

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Do’s & Don’t’s For a Successful Online Reputation Management in 2015

There are many companies providing professional online reputation management services online that you can hire to work for the maintenance of your online reputation. However, the basic knowledge of vital do’s and don’t’s can help you keep a check on whether the services provided to you are working fine or not. This knowledge is also helpful if you are going to take the job of management of your online on your own. These points are discussed in this article.

Do’s & Don’t’s For a Successful Online Reputation Management in 2015


There are certain things that are necessary to be done for promoting the reputation of your business online that are discussed below.


Takedown defamatory Content: With the development of internet services, a cut-throat competitive level is developed. In this highly competitive level, your competitors are likely to promote defamatory content to affect the reputation of your business, so you must work on their removal. If the content is false, you must send takedown notice to relevant websites, while in case of true content, you should take other steps.
Create a Positive Vibe: Social media is an interesting tool to be considered nowadays for a good reputation online. You should promote positive content about your business website through social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, blogs, forums and others.
Improve Directory Listings: Directory listings help you improve the awareness for your brand among people. You must update listings for your business on such directories using text and graphics to improve the visibility of your business website in search results. Directories are prominently shown in search results, so these are a great tool for improvement of your online reputation.
Converse with Critics: Fame always has critics associated with it, but ignoring them or acting angrily could be harmful. Converse with your business critics and try to provide them positive resolutions to turn them into positive customers.

After some Do’s, here are some things that you should take care of and ensure to avoid them to the most possible extent.

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Avoid takedowns for honest content: If you see any honest negative review about your business, you should not issue any takedown notice to the relevant website. An action taken to drop sown any honest review would build more negative reviews for your business.
Avoid sounding fake: Social media marketing is beneficial for your business, but access of this is not good. Using this to promote fake content would create a negative impression for your business. Also, avoid promoting fake reviews or comments to gain a positive business reputation.
Don’t remove all negatives: Only positive reviews would create a sense of the business being fake, while some negative reviews will add a genuine sense to it. So, leave some negative reviews also.
These points help you create a positive reputation for your business. Stick to these points and create a better reputation for your business.

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