Creating GIFs Now Swift And Easy with PicGIF

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Apple, along with PearlMountain Technology, has come up with yet another innovative and exciting app for its Mac users. PicGIF is available on the Apple App Store and can be used to convert your photos and videos into GIF files over a fast, simplistic and easy to operate user interface.  GIF, as you probably know, is Graphic Interchange Format, an animated file type that automatically switches between multiple images or short videos. We reviewed the software’s features and came up with one of the first comprehensive reviews of the app on the web, with the important functions listed below.

Creating GIFs Now Swift And Easy with PicGIF

Supports all common file formats

PicGIF has support codecs for all common picture and video formats built in. The picture formats supported include JPEG, TIFF, PNG and BMP among a few others. The video formats supported are MOV, MPEG, AVI, MP4, M4V, and 3GP. This ensures conversion capacity of most photos in a PC into GIF. As most of the photos and produced by your camera would be JPEG and MP4 or 3GP (screenshots are stored as BMP), the file type list is almost entirely exhaustive.

Has an easy to use interface

The software has a very simple and easy to learn interface like most other apple software, and works simply by adding a bunch of photos to the software by drag and drop, rearranging the order of the photos by dragging, changing sizes and cropping individual images and setting the speed at which the photos will be switched. You can get an excellent GIF out of your photos within a minute or less. You can then save your GIF in Finder, or share it with the various options available.

Creating GIFs with PicGIF

Allows for detailed customization

The software allows you to customize individual photos by style, colour, size and fonts. It also has options for setting drop shadows and outlines to the photos or videos. You can also edit and change individual frames and speed of already existing GIFs including those downloaded from the internet. Finally, PicGIF has the option of using both photos and videos together to create a single GIF file. A real-time preview of the file is available throughout editing for your ready reference.

Multiple Sharing Options

Once your GIF is up and running, you have the option of emailing it to friends directly from PicGIF as well as sending it via iMessage. If you want to share it on social networks or use it in your blog or website, then you can always save the photo in Finder on your computer and upload it manually.

PicGIF is only compatible with Mac OSX 10.7 or higher, and requires a 64-bit Processor. The software has only been released last month and is hence new to the App Store and is hence being offered at 70% discount to the first few buyers. It is priced at $19.90 but with the discount, it is available for only $4.99. For those with aesthetic taste and creative skills, the software is bound to be an instant hit.

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