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Hey there, I’m back again with some more interesting talks about the Bitdefender antivirus. Doesn’t have any clue what I’m talking about? Okay, let me make it simple for you.

Bitdefender is the new competitor in antivirus market which is putting all the efforts to dominate the entire cyber security market. It has already given some tough competition to the older players by launching series of its amazing antivirus products.

bitdefender antivirus free edition


In this article I’m going to share some pros and cons of course of the latest product from Bitdefender antivirus i.e. Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition (2014).

This updated free antivirus from the Bitdefender is almost having all the features same as present in most of the antivirus in the market. So why to choose this new kid over the trusted ones? Here below are some of the reasons for the same:


#1 First of all it’s free of cost, so if instead of paying for the regular featured antivirus it’s better to go with the free one. Don’t know about you!

#2 The feature which I like the most about this antivirus is that now I can change the interface of the software and that too according to my choice. I don’t think so your antivirus has this feature. Does it?

#3 Regular updates from the internet to be up to date in the terms of security is also one of the key features this free edition antivirus is having.

#4 The malware detected from my PC will be automatically shifted to quarantine folder and will send feedback automatically to the developer so that they can improve their product continuously.

#4 The most likeable feature of this free edition antivirus is the tech support from their team I got. It was totally high profile so it gave me the feeling ofusing paid antivirus from Bitdefender.

#5 I got a rescue CD as well to counter all the hassles which I could have faced during installation of this antivirus.

Now you must be thinking that if this antivirus has so much features then why I need to write about the cons. But, the thing is before using a product we must be aware of everything because a good feature for me could be of no use or bad to you. So here we go with some of the cons of this product :


#1This antivirus is very hard to install so better you go through its installing procedure carefully.

#2Though, I had the rescue CD with me to counter all my problems but for a new product that shouldn’t be the case.

So folks, now I think you know everything about this new lad of cyber security world known as Bitdefender free edition (2014).

But, overall looking up to its features what I think is it’s good to use for once. Only if you feel satisfied after using it then go for the paid version. And believe me, it’s a worth giving a shot atleast once. I bet you won’t regret it. Download this free antivirus from Bitdefender today and make your PC hassle free.

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