An Assessment of the Samsung Galaxy Admire 4G

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There are just a few things better than purchasing a cost-effective device for your business communication needs. Buying an affordable Smartphone without compromising the crucial specifications that you need in order to streamline your business operations up and your productivity is something that requires your undivided attention and devotion.

Unfortunately, there are not many inexpensive yet dependable smartphones out in the market. They are bound to disappoint you one way or another. This is why it is important that you survey the needs of your business first before you purchase your handset in order to pinpoint which features you would need the most. It will help you in weeding out the handheld devices that will only represent a bad investment for your company.

One of the affordable devices that you may want to consider for your business is the Samsung Galaxy Admire 4G. Though, like any other inexpensive device it comes with some disadvantages, this Smartphone offers you a compact build, 4G LTE support and a wide range of photo-editing options. Some of the downsides of using this device include an outdated Android operating system and a low-resolution display.


The bottom-line is that, fetching at just $100, the Samsung Galaxy Admire 4G is a reliable handset that does not need to be too expensive as to break your enterprise’s bank.

When it comes to the design of this Smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Admire 4G pretty much resembles the second-generation iPod. It measures 4.52” tall by 2.46” wide by 0.47” thick and weighs 4.34 ounces. It comes in just an all-white design, with a dense construction yet comfortable to hold and maneuver, even with just one hand.

Meanwhile, this handset features a Corning Gorilla Glass 3.65” HVGA TFT touchscreen that has a measly resolution of 320 x 480 pixels. This screen can display up to 262,000 colors. This is a fairly low-grade resolution, thus you can expect that images and icons are streaky and spotted most of the time. Good thing that Admire 4G’s touchscreen is responsive.

One letdown with this device is that it runs a dated Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system. However, this Smartphone comes with the usual fare of Google features including Gmail, Google Play Books, Latitude, Google Maps, and YouTube, among others.

While this device sports a rather low-resolution 3.2MP camera, it still provides users with a host of photo options such as an LED flash, four color effects, six photo sizes, three metering options, geotagging, touch, auto and macro focuses, six shooting options, contrast and sharpness adjustment meters, and compositional guidelines, to name just a few.

Surprisingly, this Smartphone has good call quality, which makes it a perfect mobile extension of call and text functions provided by your service providers such as RingCentral VoIP providers. The static that goes along with calls are not that noticeable. When it comes to performance, the Samsung Galaxy Admire 4G sports a 1GHz processor, which allows users to glide through the basic tasks, although there are instances where the Smartphone can become quite sluggish.

In addition, while the Samsung Galaxy Admire 4G features a 1.38GB onboard memory, there is a MicroSD slot that can accommodate up to 32GB additional memory. Its 2100mAh battery is also quite mid-range, providing it with 3 hours of talk time and 200 hours of standby time.

All in all, the Samsung Galaxy Admire 4G is a dependable device, especially when its inexpensiveness is taken into account.

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