8 Best iPhone apps for bloggers

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8 Best iPhone apps for bloggers” has been written exclusively to cater to a niche` audience- bloggers who own iPhones .

So, if you are a blogger and a proud owner of an iPhone, you must read this.

All bloggers are well aware of the fact that they need to update the content on their respective blogs regularly if they want to rank higher in search engine rankings. And for that, they must know how to make the best use of the gadgets at their disposal to stay updated with all the latest news and views that matter and also to stay in constant touch with the blogging community.

If they have a happening device like an iPhone at your disposal, it becomes all the more easier for you to be able to do so. Having these iPhone apps is sure to increase your productivity and connectivity with you readers as well as fellow bloggers.

Read this and make full use of all the latest iPhone apps to become an iPhone app blogger!

8 Best iPhone Apps for Bloggers

1. WordPress

Of all the blogging platforms, WordPress continues to be the most popular one. If your blog is running on WordPress, installing this app in your iPhone seems to be the most natural thing to do.

Wordpress: Best blogger iPhone app

Once you download it your cell phone, you can (whenever you are not carrying your laptop, or sitting at your pc) write a post, edit it and upload it along with relevant images and/ or images right from your cell phone!

Not only this, you can even stay in touch with the blogs in your niche` you love to follow all the time. And comment on them without any delay.

2. Byline

After WordPress, this is one iPhone app blogger cannot miss out on! I would call it the best blogger app for iPhone, of course after WordPress.

Byline: Best iPhone blogger app

Using Byline, bloggers can register for a Google Reader account (which is completely free of cost). Members can then subscribe to their favorite blog posts and news sites. Once that has been done, they will stay informed about all the latest happenings on their favorite websites and blogs even when they are not online!

Need I write more about the usefulness of this app for a blogger?

3. Writeroom

This iPhone app for blogger makes for distraction free writing.

So, if you get distracted easily by your Facebook notifications, friends ping-ing you on whatsapp or sending you sms messages while you are using your iPhone for blogging purposes, you must use this amazing iPhone app called ‘Writeroom’ to create content on your phone without getting distracted.

Writerooom: iPhone app blogger

This blogger iPhone app helps bloggers concentrate on their content by providing a platform which does not go over-the-board with fancy features like detailed menus, formatting options, etc.

4. TypePad

As we all know, an iPhone camera gives exceptionally sharp pictures. If you have TypePad on your iPhone, you can use upload any of the images clicked by you with your phone directly to your blog.

Typepad: Blogger app for iPhone

Not only this, it allows you to sync your blog with Twitter, so that your followers will know every time you are updating the content on your blog or adding a new picture to enhance its appeal.

5. Analytics

Every blogger knows how important it is to link his blog to Google analytics and to track it progress from time to time. Infact, checking on the analytics account becomes a habit for most bloggers so much so that they feel uncomfortable till they know how their blog is faring on a given day.

Analytics: iPhone apps for bloggers

This wonderful app helps iPhone owners to track the progress of their blog from their hand held device, no matter where they are making it one of the best iPhone apps for bloggers.

6. Photobucket

This is another wonderful iPhone app which allows bloggers to upload pictures and videos from their cell phones to their blog directly. Not only that, this website has a vast collection of pictures itself and bloggers could choose to upload images from there to the blog as well.

Photobucket: Blogger app for iPhone

The option to tag pictures, add location, edit pictures and share them on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. makes it easier for bloggers to share their latest blog posts with their readers besides, of course, always being well informed about the latest happenings in the blogosphere.

7. Posterous

Bloggers can make use of this wonderful app to share their latest posts across various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, etc in no time at all.

8. Evernote

Evernote is also worthy of a mention is this list of iPhone 5 apps for bloggers, though it neither exclusively an iPhone app nor meant only for bloggers. The reason I wanted to include it in this list is that it enables any busy person to take notes and to plan his time. It acts as a ‘virtual assistant’, making life much easier.

Evernote app for iPhone


Installing Evernote on your iPhone will ensure that you do not miss out something important or urgent.


I am sure all bloggers who own an iPhone will find this list useful.

If there is an app you have missed out so far, go ahead and get it fast!

All the same, if you feel that I have missed out an app which can make life easier for bloggers, tell us about it so that we can include it in our list of best iPhone apps for bloggers.

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