7 Must-Have Gadgets for Lazy People

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Think of the technological advancements that have improved our lives: cars, computers, and airplanes, among other things. There are devices that have come into existence for no other reason than to drive couch potatoes even deeper into the cushions. Some gadgets and gizmos exist for no other subgroup but the truly lazy.

With that said, here are 7 must-have gadgets if you pride yourself on being lazy. 

best bluetooth


OK, so you may argue with this one being that it’s so convenient and so many people use it. Well, it’s to the point of being so convenient that you don’t have to lift that oh-so heavy phone to your ear ever again. And yes, if you take pride in not lifting the phone to order an extra-large cheese pizza, then it’s the ultimate device for the lazy people. Plus, how many times have you thought a stranger was talking to you because they started asking you about your day and had no phone to their ear? That’s both lazy and confusing.

The Salad Shooter

If you’re a lazy couch potato, chances are you cringe at the thought of eating a salad instead of a cheese pizza. If you do debate whether to make a salad (in addition to your pizza, of course), you’ll likely consider how long it’ll take to cut up the lettuce and vegetables before taking the leap of faith. Too long, huh?

Well, now you can stuff your lettuce and veggies into a plastic gizmo that shoots out an instant salad mix. While it does cut down on the time and energy you use making a salad, it doesn’t give you a lazy excuse not to eat one.

The Motorized Ice Cream Cone

This gadget takes lazy to a whole new level. Almost everyone loves ice cream, but almost no one is lazy enough to not turn their ice cream cone to lick the drips on the other side of it. Well, with the motorized ice cream cone, all you have to do is stick your tongue out and let this device do all the work for you by rotating your cone.

If you think having drips of ice cream on your shirt attracted laugh, just wait until people see you using this device to eat your favorite dessert.


Whether you’re a lazy couch potato or a proactive business person, we all know how convenient smartphones are. Still, how many functions on your smartphone are completely necessary to your survival? How many could you have easily done with your desktop or laptop? Exactly. With a smartphone like the Blackberry Z10 on T-Mobile, you can do everything without ever lifting more than a few fingertips.

Blackberry Z10 on T-Mobile

If you want to be the ultimate lazy couch potato, you better arm yourself with a smartphone asap.

The Beer Helmet

Nothing says lazy like not wanting to sip your precious beer because it hurts your biceps. Well, with the beer helmet, you can take your laziness to a whole new level by eliminating the strain of lifting your beer all together.

This device is designed for people who fear that lifting a cold brew to their lips will increase the size of their biceps instead of their stomach. Well, fear no more. You can now wear the brews on your head, making it a fair fashion trade-off for the bulging biceps. All you have to do is sip through a straw like you’ve lost all use of your upper limbs.

The Slipper Genie

This may not be entirely for the lazy because it does require one to get on their feet, but it does do away with the pesky broom and dust pans. Just slip into these slippers on as you shuffle your way to the fridge for a cold beer, dusting your floor while you do so. Of course, if you’ve already got the beer helmet, you may only be dusting the pathway to the bathroom.

The Clapper

The laziest of the lazy tools has got to be the Clapper. For those who haven’t got the time nor the inclination to get all sweaty by hiking over to the light switch to shut it off, simply clap your hands to turn the light off before dozing off for a night of hibernation.

Okay, so we all get a little lazy sometimes, but this whole technological revolution is turning us into slugs. All you need is a credit card to stay up late to order all the wonderful inventions advertised on late-night infomercials. But, if dialing the phone is too much effort, you could always use voice dialing or your Bluetooth device to help you out.

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