6 SEO Factors Affecting the Ranking of Web Pages in the Year 2015

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With an update to Google’s algorithm this year, SEO techniques have experienced a major shift from the level of quantity to the quality level. Before the update, links that were ranked higher in terms of the quantity of content, keywords and backlinks, those are now ranked according to the quality of the information that they provide.

6 SEO Factors Affecting the Ranking of Web Pages in the Year 2015 trend

6 SEO Factors Affecting the Ranking of Web Pages 6 SEO Factors Affecting the Ranking of Web Pages in the Year 2015

This change has provided a vital lesson to every Company for SEO working to get a better ranking for its clients to change their efforts to deliver reliable content to customers or website visitors. A few changes experienced with ranking techniques this year as compared to those implemented last year are discussed below.

1. Lost Relevance for keyword domains & Links: The significance of keywords stuffed in the domain name or the URL have considerably decreased. Since, last year saw an enormous use of keywords to raise the ranking of certain web pages, it provided a lower quality of output results stuffed with keywords only. Well, this year, Google’s algorithm update converted the stuffing of keywords down, raising the need of the quality content.

2. Brand links continue to be unaffected: Brands have been considered as an exception in the ranking matrix, since they continue to enjoy the same spot as they had enjoyed previously. It seems like algorithm update by Google has no effect on the ranking of brand related websites. This confirms the significance of the brand links to help a website hold the best ranks irrespective of the algorithm updates.

3. Social signals affecting the ranking significantly: The effect of social media users has increased this year as compared to the effect caused to the ranking of websites last year. Well placed URLs have been observed to gain more number of likes and shares to make them stand out of the crowd of the search engine results. This provides a support to the fact that social media activity has increased over from the last year and the correlation of the higher ranking of the links with the social media activities has also improved.

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4. The quality of the content holds importance: The last year saw a rise of irrelevant content stuffed with keywords, irrespective of the quality of the content. Well, this year saw a major shift to the quality rather than the quantity of the content. Search engines now provide useful and meaningful content at the top instead of the content stuffed with keywords.

5. Backlinks measured on the basis of quality: Similar to the content, backlinks have also made a shift to the quality but here quantity is also considerable. Google provides a higher rank to these web pages, which have more number of back links originating from high quality sources. However, low quality backlinks, which were considered for a better rank of a website previously, have been dropped from the ranking in the absence of quality sources for backlinks.

6. On-page SEO becomes the basic need: On-page techniques have been the basic and the prime concern for a successful optimization. These on-page techniques are not referred to as rank improvement techniques, rather Google will drop the ranking of a website in case of the absence of an on-page optimization technique.

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