6 Reasons To Choose Cisco Flexpod For Your Enterprise

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Flexpod is an innovative technology that combines the server, storage and networking components of a traditional data centre and represents them as a completely converged solution. This data centre stack is a product of alliance between NetApp, Cisco, VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V. Conglomeration of these market leading technical giants ensures the high quality and the best service of the product. Here are a few reasons why it should be the choice.

NetApp Flexpod

There is a range of Flexpod options that provide storage capacity of different sizes. This enables to choose from a range according to the requirements. This is a great facility for any enterprise. You need not to pay for more storage space than you actually need and you can have a storage space as big as your infrastructure demands. The storage capacity for Cisco Flexpod varies between 126 Terabyte to 2.7 Petabyte.

Flexpod is capable of hosting 10,000 servers together and can enable multihopFCoE. The service supports ONTAP arrays, UCS, and Nexus 7000 servers. It is also designed to support multiple data centres. These features ensure high flexibility for the users. It empowers them to access number of servers, storehouses and the networks with much ease and flexibility.

The Flexpod provides an integrated platform for hosting purposes of different types of applications. It supports scalable and multi cloud infrastructure that provides easy access with the application of simple ready-to-use tools. These tools are pre-tested to suit the best requirements of an organisation and when used properly, they can perform heavy tasks accurately.

Any problem or issues related to the shared infrastructure can be handled and solved potentially with the Flexpod service. Maintaining a shared infrastructure demands better support and the Flexpod can be the ideal one for that. Therefore, this is proves to be a great service to meet the needs of enterprises that maintain large shared infrastructure.

The Cisco Flexpod supports virtual storage that can provide an array of facilities. Virtual storage means better utilisation and full exploitation of the stored data, which is a very important aspect for the growth of any organisation. The service greatly reduces the number of physical racks required and stores the data into the data cloud that can be accessed from anywhere with the use of proper authentication information. This reduces the total cost for maintaining the IT infrastructure of the company and cuts down on the environmental impact. The both way support, that is, better exploitation of the stored data and reduction of maintenance cost related to the IT, is one of the main reasons for choosing Flexpod.

Combining NetApp Flexpod with VMware, a top standard business continuity system can be structured. This system supports real time re-application of the environment through simple restoration processes. It can make the system full –proof in the best way. The infrastructure helps the system to restore quickly in case there is a system failure; the process is easy and effortless. This speedy restoration backup ensures a continuous business operation, which is necessary to run any enterprise successfully.

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